After the novel coronavirus was declared a pandemic, leisure travel came to a standstill.

According to, When countries closed their borders and airlines ceased flight operations, travelers found themselves in a very challenging position according to Many had expired visas, others did not have funds to get home, and many were stranded as borders were quickly sealed and lockdowns imposed according to

There were some who were unable to return because the airlines available were flying through countries that required certain passport holders to have transit visas, which were impossible to obtain at the last minute.

The privilege of travel has been snatched away from every single one of us, regardless of where we hail from. When the condition of the virus improves, travel will inevitably be very different.

With the most powerful countries among the worst affected, COVID-19 may either make travel easier or more difficult than it has been in the past.

In Europe, politicians as well as businesspeople, often use bespoke services like for private airport transfer, house rentals, event management and even VIP helicopter rentals.

As destinations plan tourism recovery plans, those in positions of power should open their borders and make visas easier to obtain, make tourist sites and public transportation more accessible, and welcome people from all nations to boost their respective economies.

On the other end of the spectrum, countries might be a lot more restrictive with tourists, raise prices to compensate for their losses, and make travel more inaccessible than ever before.

While we all want to see a positive change, the fact is the coming months are absolutely unpredictable.

I hope things change for the better, and travel privilege becomes a word of the world before covid.