For 25 years, Joe has served Nevada as a doctor, small business owner, legislator, and soldier in the U.S. Army Reserve.


He served three tours of active duty, including Iraq. As a brigadier general, he clearly sees the threat to national security presented by radical Islamic terrorism and is a leader who knows what it takes to confront it. Joe also understands the sacrifices of our veterans and their families, because he is one. Nevada needs a voice in the U.S. Senate who understands these challenges. Joe dedicated his life to serving our country and state. He will not stand by while evil forces use terror to threaten our lives and our values. That is why Joe wants to keep America strong, so the fight over there does not come over here.


He knows how to identify problems and provide solutions because he started and operated a small business. That is a lesson Washington should learn. Joe sees a Nevada of unlimited opportunity with better jobs, higher wages, and the chance to rise as far as the path will take us. He knows the importance of having a job, because his father was out of work. In Congress, Joe pushed to create jobs by cutting big government and streamlining workforce training programs. He knows what it is like to suffer the stress of losing a home because his family almost lost theirs. That is why Joe has helped families threatened by foreclosure.


He was a responder at Ground Zero and served families in Nevada as an emergency room doctor, search and rescue team member, and tactical physician with the LVMPD SWAT team. Joe knows the pain families feel when a loved one is sick, because he is a physician. When his father needed emergency surgery, Medicare covered him. That is why Joe will protect Medicare and Social Security and preserve it for future generations.



Dr. Joe Heck has dedicated his life to public service. For more than 35 years he has worked as a community volunteer, physician, firefighter, search and rescue team member, ambulance attendant, SWAT physician, and member of the Army Reserve. In 1984, Joe graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Health Education and he earned his medical degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1988. After completing his residency in Emergency Medicine at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in 1992, he was recruited to work in the emergency department at what was then Humana Hospital – Sunrise in Las Vegas. In 2006, he graduated from the U.S. Army War College, earning a Masters of Strategic Studies. Dr. Heck received a direct commission in the U.S. Army Reserves Medical Corps in 1991 and currently holds the rank of Brigadier General. He was called to active duty three times, most recently to Iraq in 2008 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom where he ran the emergency services and aeromedical evacuation section of a combat support hospital in Al-Anbar province. Using his combined medical and military experience, Dr. Heck formed Specialized Medical Operations, Inc, a small business providing medical training and consulting to law enforcement, EMS, and military special operations. He is widely published and has lectured on special operations medical support, the medical response to acts of terrorism, and emergency preparedness and response. Dr. Heck was a member of the Nevada State Senate from 2005-2009, representing District 5. While in Carson City he served on the Natural Resources, Human Resources and Education, and Commerce and Labor Committees, and as Vice-Chair of the Transportation and Homeland Security Committee. In 2010, Dr. Heck was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives where he currently serves on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, the Armed Services Committee, where he chairs the Military Personnel Subcommittee, and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where he chairs the Subcommittee on Department of Defense Intelligence and Overhead Architecture. In the House, Joe is dedicated to boosting the Nevada economy, improving healthcare, strengthening the education system, and maintaining our national security. Joe and his wife Lisa have three children: Monica, Chelsea, and Joseph III. They live in Henderson and have two rescue dogs, Aspen and Denver.